Leasing Process


We market our properties mainly on our website, but you can also find listings on our social media sites - Facebook & Instagram.

Some people advertise their units for sublease on sites like Facebook and Craigslist. We do not advertise for people who want to sublease, but we do handle the document drafting and signing process.


Every person above the age of 18 who intends to live in the property must submit an application.

You can apply for a specific property by viewing our open listings on our website and clicking "apply," or you can submit a general application from the tab on the main page of our website.

If you don't have a social security number (non-US residents), you can enter 111-11-1111 where it requests it.

You will not be prompted to submit the application fee at the end. We send those out manually when we know you are definitely moving forward with a lease.

If you are a student, you will need a guarantor to also submit an application. It will be the exact same application that you filled out, but at the beginning the guarantor will check a box that says “co-signer.”

Fee & Screening

Every person who will be listed on the lease needs to pay an application fee. We charge a $45 application fee that is sent through Square.This money pays for the background check.

We use our property management software to run a credit history, criminal background, and rental history check.

If you were unable to submit a social security number in the application, make sure you upload a copy of your I-20.


This is our part. Here we may ask how long of a lease term you are looking for, specifics about your pets, if you have any dependents, etc.

We send out leases via DocuSign once we are finished drafting. It will be sent to the emails of all tenants and guarantors (if there are any).


Our leases in DocuSign stay open for three days. After this point, you will no longer be able to access the document to sign it. If you missed the deadline, you will have to call our office at 540.953.1341 and request a leasing specialist.

All parties included in the transaction need to sign before the lease becomes binding.

Security Deposit & Admin Fee

After everyone has signed the lease, there are two ways to pay the security deposit:

  1. We can send out an invoice via DocuSign and you will be prompted to pay with a card. This option uses a program that requires a processing fee which is dependent upon the amount to be paid.

  2. Send in two checks - one for the security deposit, and one for the administration fee. They must be on separate checks.


The lease requires each tenant to obtain renters' insurance. This can be through your own insurance, an online insurance company, or you can use our damage program for $13/month.

If an insurance company asks what level of coverage you are seeking, we just require the minimum amount of coverage.

The insurance will ask you if there is an interested third party. You can put Pointe West Management for this question.


Required utilities need to be set up to begin in the tenants' names on the first day of the lease. Required utilities can be found on the first page of your lease at the bottom (sec. 1g)

We have a list of utility company contact info that we send out prior to the lease start date. You can also find these contacts on our Facebook or Instagram pages.