PetScreening FAQs

What is PetScreening and why is it important for me as a resident?

PetScreening is a program that ensures the health and safety of pets and residents in the community, as well as determines qualifications for emotional support animals (ESA) or service animals. It helps create a better living environment for all residents by ensuring responsible pet ownership.

Can I bring a pet without going through the PetScreening process?

While renting with us, all pets must go through the PetScreening process to ensure the well-being of both residents and pets. It helps prevent issues related to unvaccinated pets or pets that may pose a safety risk.

Do I need to create a PetScreening profile even if I don’t have a pet?

All residents will need to create a PetScreening profile. The No Pet profile allows those without pets or animals to acknowledge the pet policies and restrictions on pet sitting, visiting pets, and getting a pet mid-lease.

What do I need to provide for the screening process?

You will create a pet profile for the pet screening process. You will need a photo of your pet, breed information, vaccination details, and behavioral history.

What qualifies as an ESA or an assistance animal?

PetScreening will walk you through the process to determine if your pet qualifies under this guideline. All reasonable accommodation requests are reviewed in accordance with HUD Fair Housing

Is there an additional fee for PetScreening?

The PetScreening program costs $100 to cover the screening process. This fee helps maintain the program's quality and ensure that only qualified and healthy pets reside in the community.

Does PetScreening apply to all types of pets?

Yes, PetScreening applies to all types of pets, including dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and others.

Can I have multiple pets in my unit under PetScreening?

The PetScreening process can accommodate multiple pets, but specific pet policies may vary depending on the property. It's advisable to check with the property management team regarding the allowed number of pets.

Does PetScreening guarantee that all pets in the community are well-behaved?

PetScreening helps mitigate the risk by setting certain standards, but individual pet behavior can vary. It's important for pet owners to responsibly manage their pets and address any behavioral concerns that may arise.

Where do I go to complete my PetScreening profile?

Please visit in order to complete your profile.